I’ve already spammed the Instagram team with this bug report, also through Twitter and their email

When I woke up this morning, I tried to launch my Instagram app, but to no avail. The first thing I suspected was whether the ROM I am using is acting up (since Cyanogenmod 9 ICS is only in Alpha stage). Out of desperation and frustration, I almost wiped my phone clean and installed CM9 again from scratch. Of course, the rational side of me thought I’d better use the keyword search on Twitter to find out if I was the only one facing the issue; it turned out that I wasn’t (kinda relieved). Either way, I uninstalled the app, wiped cache, wiped dalvik cache and fixed permissions on my phone before I installed the app again and tried. IT WORKED! But that was before I scrolled through my feed.

Why was that? I realized the crash was caused by a particular user’s photo in my feed. For example, this user @abc’s photo was at the top of my feed before I uninstalled the app, so there was no way for me to launch the app successfully. The moment the app was launched, it force closed. After a while, when @abc moved further down the feed, I was able to start the app, so I naively believed that it was just a temporary crash. However, as I scrolled through the feed and reached the point where @abc’s photo was at, it crashed again.

I tried to find out whether something is wrong with that account. So I went into my Following List to find that particular user. At first, I couldn’t scroll past @abc in my following list either; it force closed on me. After several attempts, I was finally able to scroll past that user. And then when I switched the tab back to my feed, everything began to work perfectly again. I don’t know the exact technical details of what’s causing this issue; some peeps on Twitter told me that they tried my method and it worked too, except that some of them had to unfollow the user that is causing the problem to solve it. Before Instagram gets down to fixing it, if you’re like me who totally loves browsing Instagram, try my temporary fix and let me know whether it works.

UPDATE: They have officially released a bug fix update earlier on. It should solve almost all devices’ crashes. Head over to Play to download it or here