After being much anticipated, Google Drive has finally gone live. It completely replaces Google Docs and the free version comes with 5 GB, but you can increase up to 16 TB for $799.99/month (whaaat). Other price plans include 25 GB for 2.49/month, 100 GB for $4.99/month and 1 TB for 49.99/month.

It doesn’t compete directly with Dropbox (at least in terms of features), as many might have thought before the launch. Web-based, real-time documents editing is one area in which Dropbox falls short, or so maybe Google Drive is going after Evernote or more appropriately Microsoft’s SkyDrive? I am still a huge fan of Google Docs, and at the same time I love my free Dropbox account, which is pumped up to 16 GB through multiple referrals (using hacks of course). Currently, for day-to-day operations, Dropbox is used to sync all the important documents/files I would need to use on-the-go daily on both my laptop and my smartphone. Google Docs Drive is used mainly for collaborating with other people, and for the rest of the files (music, photos, videos, ebooks, miscellaneous stuff etc.), they are backed up nicely in my 50-GB Box account.

Maybe it’s time for me to abandon some of the cloud services which I’ve signed up for but do not really use on a daily basis, such as SugarSync (8 GB), Ubuntu One (5 GB; comes with each Ubuntu installation)…..

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