kobe 30k

Kobe Bryant finally did it – 30,000 career points. It’s an incredible achievement considering he’s joining the ELITE club of hall-of-famers such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Karl Malone, Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain, while being the youngest player to do so. Of course, despite the success, he has received his fair share of criticisms throughout his career, most of them stupid and some of them totally incomprehensible.

You see, after 17 years in the NBA with 14 All-Star starts, 14 All NBA First Team selections, 12 All Defensive First Team Selections, 5 championships, 4 All-Star MVPs, 2 Final MVPs and 1 Regular Season MVP, any arguments or criticisms, I mean ANYTHING AT ALL, made against Kobe Bryant would not ever make sense anymore. Seriously, name me at least one or two players from his era that even came close to him in terms of achievements and capabilities. T-Mac?! Allen Iverson?! Ray Allen?! Paul Pierce?! Vince Carter?! I can go on but you get the drift.


The video easily brought me to tears while making me grin like an idiot at the same time. Non-basketball fans will never understand this. Kobe Bryant has been my hero ever since I started watching him in 1999 – the relentless spirit, the super competitive nature, the formidable killer instinct and work ethics that are simply unparalleled. I am going to be extremely sad when he retires after the next season but nothing will ever take away what he is in my mind – the most amazing basketball player to have ever played in the NBA. Thank you Hornets for trading Kobe right after drafting him. Thank you Lakers, for giving Kobe the most amazing platform to shine. And finally, thank you, Kobe, for being a huge part of my childhood and teenage years.