This is a quick unboxing video/post highlighting my first sizable investment into cameras. In the name of taking my content production hobby a tad more seriously, I recently invested in a decently powerful compact camera in Lumix LX100 from Panasonic. The retail price is going for around S$ 950 on Lazada (with local warranty), but you could roam around Funan to get a better price almost certainly.

The key reasons I buy this camera are:

1) I want to take much better quality photos for use on my blog/instagram/twitter. Smartphone photography is cool and everything but when you have a dedicated camera (albeit a compact one with no interchangeable lens) with a much more powerful sensor and lens, you can definitely learn to take the image quality to the next level.

2) As I try to move into YouTube starting in 2016, a lightweight camera that shoots videos at 4K resolution would be a mandatory requirement for me. At this price point, I could have gotten an entry-level DSLR but I am not looking for a lot in my first camera purchase, so there you go.

Camera Samples