2016 Flagship Killer? LOL, more like a flagship wannabe that kills itself before 2016.

2016 Flagship Killer? LOL, more like a flagship wannabe that kills itself before 2016.

Android Police recently released a long, super well-written editorial post titled “If OnePlus Will Basically Just Lie With Marketing Slogans, We Have No Reason To Respect Them”. This is one of the key reasons I scroll through Android Police on a daily basis for content consumption. Straight up, no nonsense and most important of all logical presentation of all the facts.


Sure, OnePlus was quite an intriguing company when it first came out (it still is, in a way). Hell, I even excitedly bought a OnePlus One (now, that review looks ironic next to this post), only to discover a few weeks later then that the touch screen was absolute crap – OnePlus is still arguing it’s a software issue. But if a company has to take one year to completely fix a “simple software issue”, how is it never settling? That’s settling a fuck lot because you can’t even type correctly with that lousy piece of touch screen.

When I saw all the hype leading up to OnePlus 2 launch and the specs sheet when it came out, it’s laughable at best and ridiculous at worst. We can literally see so many compromises everywhere on the specs sheet that it’s not even in my consideration to give it another shot. Despite my terrible experience with the One, I was willing to keep an open mind. But nah, not anymore.

  • 1080p display (and you want to be future-proof?)
  • No NFC
  • Base model at 16 GB/3 GB RAM (but you heavily hype up your 4 GB RAM?)
  • Oxygen OS… welp, yeah it’s really clean. But we don’t know how fast they can update in the future.

It’s simple – when companies can offer you flagship-like specs (note: I am not calling them flagship devices) in a relatively much much cheaper and rather well-designed phone, the manufacturers gotta cut corner somewhere. In Nexus 5, there’s the power button rattling issue; I know it’s not for everyone but there’s a large enough community of people who faced that issue. Just do a Google search. In OnePlus One – obviously the touch screen (the forum thread for One’s touchscreen issues is 302 pages deep as of this writing). Would OnePlus learn the lessons and fix all issues with the 2? *shrugs* only time will tell but I won’t be finding it out first-hand.


So, what phone would I buy next?

If Nexus refreshes disappoint, this is it for the next year.

If Nexus refreshes disappoint, this is it for the next year.

I am currently using a Nexus 6, so I am definitely waiting for the Nexus refreshes to see if they spark anything. Though if you ask me, it seems like the only #NeverSettle devices in the recent years are Moto X and Moto G series? At least I haven’t heard many complaints about them except that their battery life is subpar due to using < 3,000 mAh battery inside. But with Android M’s upcoming power management feature, Doze, and with Moto X Style featuring 3,000 mAh battery, I think I am willing to let go of my Nexus 6, to downgrade from 5.9 inch to 5.7 inch with much better specs and camera. I believe the feel in the hand will be much more solid as well, since I am already getting used to the 5.9-inch form factor.

[Update]: OnePlus recently posted that there are already a million people on the reservation list for invites to buy the 2. I don’t know if the 2 might actually still turn out to be a “success”, but I am definitely not buying it, though I am one of the million who signed up.